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San Francisco Frozen Music Festival

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Each year the Frozen Film Festival hosts a selection of music documentaries and live bands. If you are interested in performing or setting up a live show in conjunction with us, please email us.

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The Frozen Film Festival is hosting a music festival: The Frozen Music Festival. The Frozen Music Festival will run the same weekend as the film festival and will showcase music acts that complement the Film Festival's movies - in fact, a number of the acts will be drawn from contributors to the "Music Video" section of the Film Festival.

In addition to acts drawn from the ‘Music Video’ contributors, the music festival will showcase acts from a wide selection of music genres - from pop to punk, hip hop to funk, cowboys to singer-songwriters (and everything in between).

One of the goals of the music festival is to give local indie acts an opportunity to perform at a larger venue with great headliner. We are currently putting together the bills for the music festival. If you or your band is based in the bay area and is interested in playing, please send a CD and a press kit to:

S.F. Frozen Film Festival
Music Festival Submission
588 Sutter St. #103
San Francisco, CA 94102